Good design, good causes, & SXSW 2015

I’ve been lucky to work with the LGBTQ community through projects like The Queer Oral History Project and my timeĀ at Fenway Health. And for such fabulous communities, I’ve seen a lot of less than fabulous design. I’d like to take what I’ve learned and notice and use it to start a wider conversation about designing for queer people and causes.

You can help by voting for my SXSW15 panel picker idea.

John Warren Hanawalt (that’s me) is a San Francisco-based visual designer who has put design to good use for 5+ years working with nonprofits and other causes, including LGBT equality, HIV/AIDS, public health, and social enterprise. He is (I am) available very selectively for freelance projects and available indiscriminately for public speaking, writing, and conversations on designing for good.